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At Derbyshire Technology Systems Ltd we take any information given to us to perform our services extremely seriously and all information that we may hold is encrypted to FIPS 140-2 standard. If you become a client of ours we will send a GDPR starter pack, which creates a relationship between you and us, Form 1 seeks permission to store relevant data on your behalf, there is a part two to the document that seeks to withdraw the permission and delete information where we are able to and this we will acknowledge. Form 2 gives you a form to request data that we hold on you and this data can be sent via a disk or other secure means. Form 3 creates a non-disclosure agreement between us for the duration of the time we spend with you.

We do not collect Cookie Information

We do not sell any Data to third parties.

Personal Information is only required if we need it to perform our services.

Where a service is performed by a partner of ours some information may be collected by them but only for the performance of the service and where data goes overseas this will be compliant to the GDPR standard.